What is WiCis?

WiCis Telehealth is a real-time biometrics platform, careflow form and a web app covering entire workflows and bringing hospital-level care to a patient.

Facing project challenges

To ensure that patients can share vital signs such as heart and pulse rate in real time with a doctor or a caregiver, we had to develop a real-time biometrics web app capable of tracking and sending important medical data as well as the GPS location of the patient. It was also required to incorporate a live HD video conferencing feature to enable patients to have follow-up appointments remotely.

How we did it

Using Google Web Toolkit and Reactjs, we’ve developed WiCis Careflow Builder – a customizable careflow form with built-in biometrics and integrated HD video chat. The app allows patients to communicate with doctors in a real-time mode without leaving the house and receive hospital-like services on the spot. It also measures the speed of connection of both users and slows down the connection if needed so that the data provided is very accurate, and the video streaming doesn’t distort the audio signal.

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