Language Tools

What is Language Tools?

Language Tools is a web application and a fully-fledged educational platform, created to improve the language learning experience by connecting learners to professional native teachers. The app has been designed to facilitate the process of acquiring new knowledge and provide learners with all the necessary tools.

Facing project challenges

Our task was to create a feature-packed web application with a pool of built-in tools, helping beginners start learning languages in a correct way and overcome any difficulties encountered during the educational course. An additional objective of the project was to set up a brand new comprehensive system, that would allow students to learn from and communicate with native speaking teachers right on the platform.

How we did it

When building the platform, it was necessary to develop practical tools to fit the project criteria. We’ve developed the following ones:

The Reading Tool

Reading in a foreign language is a part of the educational course. We’ve developed a tool that makes reading way easier for beginners. It has a built-in mouse-over dictionary and supports 104 languages.

The Essay Tool

The Essay Tool uses auto-tracking to find in-text mistakes and get corrections from the community.

Chat & Communication

We’ve integrated a chat feature to enable students to practice conversation in any language they want both in public and private rooms.

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